24 August 2011 @ 07:57 pm
[fst] the inescapable us; a shisuixitachi fst
and all i meant was to be kind )
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23 August 2011 @ 01:21 pm
[fst] a fatal spell; itachi
if i stumble they're going to eat me alive )

So yeah, I decided it was time for another one of these, given these snippets of new characterization we've been getting lately.  RP-related, hence the alluding to wishes and shit.  Also holy shit, so much Emily Haines/Metric/auuuuugh yeah idk.  On the other hand, this is probably my first Itachi-related fst that had absolutely no Okkervil River/Shearwater on it, what.

blah blah blah music blah blah ninja butt just listen to it, it's good stuff.

also really wishing that my copy of newvillager's debut album would hurry up and get here because I want this song in my life so much.

ETA: HELL YES NewVillager - Say the Code, I love it. *___*

i have like 3 more of these fucking things incoming, don't worry.  Working on a new canon!tachi, and a new shiita because uguuuu ;____;
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03 July 2011 @ 05:08 pm
[naruto, giftfic] the magic position
Archiving; a [ profile] bitter_nakano secret santa tradefic.

  [ profile] www 
Recipient: [ profile] akitotsubaki 
Title: the magic position
Summary: to live, to learn, to love in the major key.
Rating: R
Disclaimer: All Naruto characters herein are the property of Kishimoto Masashi. No copyright infringement is intended.
Warning(s): Sex, swearing.
Word Count: 5,047
Author’s Notes: So, uh. For AkitoTsubaki -- music is totally up in my DO WANT field, and so music love you get! I openly admit to being deeply under the influence of Patrick Wolf's The Magic Position because that's what hit me when I saw the prompt and it seems like a good feeling to carry through a happier sort of Shisui/Itachi fic. :D AU, because I'm fairly certain one thing clan Uchiha wasn't interested in was the quality of their pipes. Hoping this finds you sated at the end; I gave it my best shot! (And apologies for the occasional bits of music-wank -- I'm kind of hopeless when I get going.)

to live, to learn, to love )
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03 July 2011 @ 12:07 am
[khr, naruto crossover] butterfly caught
Archiving here; another Tablefappers thing from '09. For [ profile] queen_qing , and the crazy neverending AU we did. Rated ... R? Blood, tears, and nudity.

a study in watercolor, or: love as blood )

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19 May 2010 @ 03:42 am
(We Grow) Accustomed to the Dark - A Shisui/Itachi fanmix
For the newly-bloomed Shisui/Itachi community, [ profile] bitter_nakano. Because FSTs are what I do when I want to write but have zero inspiration. Someday I will make covers that are not entirely hideous, but today is not that day.

23 songs including Florence+The Machine, Wye Oak, The Antlers, OneRepublic, Eisley, Cake Bake Betty, A Perfect Circle & more. )
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21 February 2010 @ 10:51 pm
[ Etc ] FST Masterlist
Because I need a place to keep track of them, or I'll lose them forever.

Itachi - A Fatal Spell RP-themed fst from time at GND, post-death. A Perfect Circle, Calexico, The Shins, Cake Bake Betty, Paper Route and more.

Shisui/Itachi - The Inescapable Us Post-crow shipper mix, both lively and loving. BIM, Ferry Corsten, My Brightest Diamond, South San Gabriel, Punchline and more. Hosted on Mediafire.

Shisui/Itachi - (We Grow) Accustomed to the Dark Kind of shippy, sweet and sad, one disc each featuring Florence + The Machine, Wye Oak, The Antlers, Smashing Pumpkins and more. Extras. Hosted on Mediafire.

Arthur/Merlin - The Fiction We Live A fairly shippy mix of Shearwater, Poloroid, Conjure One, October Project, Broadcast and more. Includes extras. Hosted on Mediafire.

Madara/Itachi - On the Threshold of Greatness Definitely a shipper mix in a pretty dark and satisfying way. Blaqk Audio, Claire Voyant, Oomph!, Juno Reactor, Union of Knives and more. Hosted on Mediafire, re-upped 21February.

Itachi - The Outside In My first FST, for Itachi. Originally for a particular RP, but the songs stand perfectly well with canon. Featuring Okkervil River, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Claire Voyant, Islands and more. Hosted on Mediafire, re-upped 21February.
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10 February 2009 @ 01:46 pm
[Naruto] Wraiths and Strays, Act V
Who procrastinates like whoa?

Act V, set to Claire Voyant - Mercy.

the beauty in the crime is: you don't feel a thing. )
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04 September 2007 @ 04:57 am
[ Naruto ] Wraiths and Strays, Act IV
This is pretty much my longest attempt at a multi-part. WTF, right?

Act IV, set to Kenna - Hell Bent

you're losing me )
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21 August 2007 @ 12:47 am
[ Naruto ] Wraiths and Strays, Act III
Plz to be telling me I'm not the only one all unf unf unf over the last few chapters? Because I am. >D (Also, don't expect this sudden run of things coming out at a decent pace to last; the inspiration is flowing, yes, but tomorrow is Moving In day, and it's just the beginning of my favorite clusterfuck of all time: re-situating. Alas!)

Act III, set to Tom McRae - The Boy with the Bubblegun.

if words could kill i'd spell out your name )
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13 August 2007 @ 09:44 pm
[ Naruto ] Wraiths and Strays, Act II
I'm still alive, kids. This has been close to finished for some time, but with the moving and all I haven't had time to get to it -- that, and I kind of forgot that I was trying to keep these bits short, and I was trying to fill it in. Bah.

I dislike using honorifics in English language fiction, but it's pretty hard to get away from them where Itachi and Naruto are concerned, you know?

Act II, set to A Perfect Circle - Passive

it's your right, and your ability, to become my perfect enemy )
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03 June 2007 @ 09:32 am
[ Naruto ] Mourning Air
So, this was actually the first Naruto fic I ever started writing. It's been molding on various hard drives since about, gee, 2003. You'd think that after four years, I'd somehow manage to come up with some truly inspiring opus, but there was a reason that it sat there. I'd look at it from time to time, half-finished as it was with bits that I was totally pleased with, and just not know how to get to the end. Surprisingly enough, I ended up pulling pretty much all of those parts, because I've learned a lot about characterization in that time, and I've learned a lot about Kakashi as well. I also discovered that I prefer writing present-tense to past-tense.

Originally, it was titled 'Bad Guys', and was supposed to be follow a conversation between Kakashi and Naruto over morality and Zabuza and Haku's villain status. The end product, however, deviated considerably, and while I still wanted to follow that thread (and may at some later time), it became a lighter piece on Naruto's first real encounter with mortality and reality as he never imagined it.

Inspiration via Portishead and, uh, Dan Fogelburg. (SHUT UP DON'T JUDGE ME. D:) Naruto is not mine, and I'm totally making no money whatsoever with my fandrivel. Comments are appreciated -- I wonder if you can tell where I picked it up?

where the morn meets the dew and the tide rises )
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27 February 2007 @ 06:05 am
[naruto] fragments, volume one
Notes: So, I had this idea the other day, as kind of a writing exercise, because I'm a total masochist when it comes to that sort of thing. The gist is to use each chapter's cover page of the Naruto manga as something of a prompt, and yeah, the total on that is, as of this week, somewhere in the 340's. more rambles, er, notes )

the things they replace )
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09 February 2004 @ 01:00 am
[naruto] on the turning away
Neglecting homework, as is usual. SURPRISE, yo.

Naruto fic. Abiguous. Yondaime goodness. Angsty fun! For the Yondaime drabble contest over at Narutoyaoi ML. (pathetic for a contest, but I was late getting started, and I figured that if they were gonna extend the deadline for my dumb ass, the least I could do would actually be to DO one.)

there are no flowers, no, not this time )
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26 December 2003 @ 04:40 am
[naruto] lunatic moon
Urgh? I wanted to write a Hayate-centric GenHaya fic. This is the poor result of that. I'd been thinking about it all day, and yet typed it doesn't have nearly the same quality to it. I can't wait until technology advances far enough for us to share each other's thoughts, because it would make this a HELL of a lot easier. Slight shounen-ai, ANGST, spoilers, death, random whatever. Naruto is SO not mine.

dance you fucker don't you dare )
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25 December 2003 @ 03:20 am
[naruto] shiroi
As I am wont to do on each and every lyric wheel fic, this is angst. Buttloads of it. Character death, even. Argh. I'm sorry.

So, yeah. Here you are.

Song is Blue Monday (Orgy version is the one I thought of, but originally by . . . New Order, is it?) x_x Neji/Naruto . . . something, unbetaed, because I've yet to find a beta, and because it's godawful late. Naruto, unfortunately, is still not mine.

it's double-diamond time )
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25 December 2003 @ 03:09 am
[naruto] simple
Shino/Shika shounen-ai, fluffiness abounding.
fic for [ profile] jadecaptain .
Naruto is SO not mine.

something more than this )
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02 December 2003 @ 10:03 pm
[naruto] hyuga persuasion
New fic. Challenge trade over at LJ. w00t!

Neji/Naruto waff. (WTF!? cry those who know me.) Nudity, snarkiness, horseplay, random Sasuke jab -- still all in fun, and only shounen-ai. Candy canes, blankets, and snow, because, that's what neko erin wanted.  Naruto, despite all my wishing and outright threats, still isn't mine. CRY.

i want candy )
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13 November 2003 @ 01:39 am
[naruto] the sky is falling in
So, uh, a drabble! In its choppy little glory!

Using only 100 words to try and get your point across is exceedingly hard . . . actually, this is the first drabble I've been able to successfully /keep/ to only 100 words. Chouji PoV-ish; Radiohead inspired. Ambiguous ending. Spoilers for manga 191. Friendshippy?

the sky is falling in

(i keep the wolf from the door)

Black eyes and white clouds.

Strange, that he should remember such things now.

One step, then another, steady . . .

He'd finally won the ninja game (it had always been a game but this time he'd won) and wouldn't He be proud of him? He laughed because he was still alive, because he was stronger. Because Shikamaru was still always right.

This wouldn't get him; they'd shown him the way and he'd be back where he belonged soon!

. . . but first --

--the shade was nice here, and his chest burned, and he felt so tired . . .

He thought that he might rest a while.

- fin

e.e;; puuuuuuuu. I luff Chouji. I hope he lives. I've got a feeling he may not, because Ninjas Must Die sometime, and there's sure to be a few early takers. I'm also thinking on following up with a Shikadrabble, but I'm not sure how quite to play him. Um, we'll see. ^^;;
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