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gigantomachy ([personal profile] gigantomachy) wrote on August 24th, 2011 at 07:57 pm
[fst] the inescapable us; a shisuixitachi fst

south san gabriel - my goodbyes (5.23)
on the steady and the straight, an evangelistic stray
you made your way
keeping all of this in line, but the memory does fade

fun. - i wanna be the one (3.36)
were you named for the river that surrounds all my biggest mistakes
or the way that i made it out all the muscles in my mouth
never smiled or said profound things until the day she handed you to me.

deb talan - whetstones
and the way you move is dancing
while your mouth says funny things
i'm staring at your neck, thinking
thinking could i rest my faith in here?

punchline - wars will always happen (2.52)
your vision is blurry but oh don't you worry, you know this place
and you said you could manage with eyes closed well
now is the time to shine and save some lives
when the going gets tough, the going gets what you ask for
no mistakes and no regrets
(boys there is a war to win out there)

metric - front row
he's not perfect he's a victim of his occupation
social insulation, secret intervention
charge him with possession, i just want to watch him
burn-out stars they shine so bright

the shins - black wave (3.19)
in the meadow where the black breeze blows
where underneath the waves you were most alone
can you hear a subtle, aching tone?
through the water, through the earth, chill the bones

ferry corsten (ft. howard jones) - into the dark (5.45)
i think you lost your mind or did you fall asleep
was your vision closing in, did the light play tricks upon you
(then slowly but surely taken away from me)
how can you fall into the dark when my arms are there to catch you?
how will i ever lose my way with your open hand to cling to?

b.i.m - the magic of us (3.26)
i pull my sleeves up further and i prepare to fight my demons
(i must not lose again this time)
so wrap your arms around me and sing the words as loud as you can
we are together in this world, together in this world

wye oak - fish (4.48)
gone gone gone you were never alone
i'll come home and raise you up to what's left
ghost of your voice finally rests
don't be afraid now you won't need me
you'll be at peace now, at last from the sea

florence + the machine - blinding (4.40)
no more dreaming of the dead as if death itself was undone
no more crawling like a crow for a boy, for a body in the garden
(no more dreaming like a girl
so in love with the wrong world

my brightest diamond - we were sparkling
(i'm afraid to forget you
i am remembering you
you were sparkling)

download the complete .rar here

What, don't even judge me; it was totally time for a new one, right?  I had all this beautiful music sitting around, and managed to pare it down to these. Started out trying to make it ... not particularly shippy, but as you can tell that shit went straight out the window. Kishi is cockteasing so hard right I CAN'T EVEN. Augh. 553 should just be flashbacks, okay; Kakashi got a few chapters, right? Why not?

If you have to pick just one, I'd say grab the bim, because sweet jesus it is so beautiful.
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