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gigantomachy ([personal profile] gigantomachy) wrote on December 6th, 2009 at 12:40 pm
one-sentence fics
For the 05Dec Porn-off at [ profile] tablefappers. One sentence per prompt, mostly R+ ratings. RP ships and crossovers ahoy.

via [ profile] sieglein: ~ Akatsuki orgy.
Fifteen bare bodies (twenty-eight eyes and arms, nineteen hearts, twelve distinct personalities, fourteen cocks, two breasts, two leaves, one lonely vagina and countless scars between them) writhe and press against each other like an overlarge pile of hormonal puppies; Madara smiles to himself behind his mask and thinks maybe a larger hideout is in order.

via [ profile] evocates: Itachi/Kojuurou - Chessboard, and a cup of tea
The breath against his neck is hot and spiced with fennel, and he holds his tongue even as he's pushed (firmly but gently) back on his haunches -- and it might be something else entirely, but they both know there's more than one way to take a pawn.

via [ profile] evocates: Itachi/Hibari - Swords
Strange, how different they are; Itachi's slender hands are callused, but not like Hibari's -- across his palm and fingers (now curled tight and slick and moving with purpose along the length of Hibari's cock) is a rough edge that can only come from a lifetime of training with a blade.

via [ profile] greyrook_22: Agni/Soma - Curry Collars (Amat)
Arrowroot, saffron, lemongrass; despite Soma's obvious impatience, Agni presses his mouth against the gentle swell of his prince's collarbone and takes a moment to treasure a flavor he knows he will never be able to duplicate.

via [ profile] keikain: Chikusa/Chrome - Bitter
Though he knows it's different -- though he knows Mukuro-sama does not move through her now -- he cannot help the slight sense of disappointment that she tastes nothing like him at all.

via [ profile] keikain: Mukuro/Ken/Chikusa - A Tight Leash
Mukuro-sama's eyes are veiled, but Chikusa can feel the intensity of his stare over the bare, bitten curve of Ken's shoulder; once again (as always) he feels gratitude that he should keep them so close at all.

via [ profile] keikain: Soma/Ciel - Delicious
Really, Soma concludes as he opens his mouth to take Ciel in once again, perhaps he should revise his opinion to state that not all British flavors are inherently horrible.

Apparently it was oral fixation day. Who knew?
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