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(We Grow) Accustomed to the Dark - A Shisui/Itachi fanmix
For the newly-bloomed Shisui/Itachi community, [ profile] bitter_nakano. Because FSTs are what I do when I want to write but have zero inspiration. Someday I will make covers that are not entirely hideous, but today is not that day.

SIDE A: .rar here
SIDE B: .rar here

Side A: Itachi

01} Wye Oak - For Prayer (3:50)
you thought you're better than you were
I wanted beast but I got bird
there's no room and there's no time
so you scratch yours and I'll scratch mine
cross your fingers, say a prayer
you don't believe but I don't care
you either win it or you don't
it happens now, or else it won't

02} Smashing Pumpkins - Daphne Descends (4:39)
you love him
you love him more than this
you love him and you cannot,
you can't resist
you love him
you love him for yourself

03} Placebo - Running Up That Hill (4:54)
you want to know, know that it doesn't hurt me?
you want to hear about the deal I'm making
you, you and me
and if I only could
make a deal with God
get him to swap our places
be running up that road
be running up that hill
be running up that building
if I only could

04} Kenna - Hell Bent (4:52)
am I the key
of fiction and heartache?
and the pain
is of no consequence
when I am hell bent
my walls are
closing in
controlling me, controlling me,
losing me, you're losing...

05} VNV Nation - Distant (Rubicon II) (3:15)
the paths that I once tread,
have all but gone.
only embers now smolder
where bridges once burned.
I feel alive,
and yet I fear what may happen now.
I know I can't return.
And I hear me say again:
oh let me not return.
damn the illusions of redemption and the hopes that held me here.
I will oppose all that would befall me.
with this the rage inside of me -
I will defy what I would become.

06} The Angels of Light - Star Chaser (5:50)
I follow you down
to your place of no pain
but your pleasures were shallow
and the scar still remains
I heard it's over
forgotten, and clean
but deep in this body
you're living in me

you live on in me
(star chaser, chaser)

07} Poe - Haunted (5:20)
and I'm haunted
by the lives that I have loved
and actions I have hated
I'm haunted
by the promises I've made
and others I have broken
I'm haunted
by the lives that wove the web
inside my haunted head

I'll always want you
I'll always need you
I'll always love you
and I will always miss you

08} Tom McRae - My Vampire Heart (4:03)
so let in the light
turn me to dust
if it don't end in bloodshed, dear,
it's probably not love
here we are
in the darkest place
to keep from forgetting
I picture your face
and I wonder
while we count the cost
which is sweeter
love or it's loss

09} Wye Oak - Civilian (live) (3:34)
I don't need another friend
when most of them I can barely keep up with them
perfectly able to hold my own hand
but I still can't kiss my own neck
I wanted to give you everything
but I still stand in awe of superficial things
I wanted to love you like my mother's mother's mother's did

10} Shearwater - This Confiscated House (2:59)
this is the film of my death
I am the only one left
let it all come down
I'm stumbling over the blocks in this confiscated house,
my associates
let this be my testament
carry the work we have done
carry the plans we have laid
I tried my best
but there's so little left...
someday the crows will couple in our ruins
someday the milkweed will bloom in profusion

Side B: Shisui

01} The Antlers - Kettering (5:06)
I wish that I had known in that first minute we met,
the unpayable debt that I owed you
I should have quit, but instead I took care of you
you made me sleep and uneven, and I didn't believe them
when they told me that there was no saving you.

02} OneRepublic - Prodigal (3:55)
and I take everything from you
but you'll take anything won't you?

03} Harvey Danger - What You Live By (5:44)
we could talk about the lives we’ve led
and count the reasons we’re not dead
or maybe we could talk instead
about the ways in which we are
always nothing or too much to say
only so many sides of the record to play
and the song that got stuck in my head
said you die by what you live by every time ...

04} Elbow - Red (5:11)
just as you are, perfect
just as you are
I'll give you the time you deserve
don't make those promises
don't tell me again
that dust is gonna settle your nerves
you burn too bright
you live too fast
this can't go on too long
you're a tragedy starting to happen

05} Florence & The Machine - I'm Not Calling You a Liar (3:05)
I'm not calling you a ghost,
just stop haunting me,
and I love you so much,
I'm gonna let you
kill me.

there's a ghost in my lungs
and it sighs in my sleep,
wraps itself around my tongue,
as it softly speaks
then it walks,
then it walks with my legs
to fall at your feet.

06} A Perfect Circle - Blue (Bird Shake Mix) (3:57)
close my eyes just to look at you
taken by the seamless vision
I close my eyes
ignore the smoke
ignore the smoke
ignore the smoke

07} Placebo - Blind (4:03)
if I could tear you from the ceiling
I know the best have tried
I'd fill your every breath with meaning
and find a place we both could hide
don't go and leave me
and please don't drive me blind
don't go and leave me
and please don't drive me blind
you don't believe me, but you do this every time
please don't drive me blind
I know we're broken

08} Eisley - Invasion (3:36)
you will take the breath from my throat,
and you would take the cherished people that I hold.
and they will try to make us forget ourselves,
one by one, one by one.
call me crazy but they are after us,
one by one, one by one.
you don't have to know the truth;
if you believe it, I believe it too.

09} Cake Bake Betty - Gigantomachy (3:12)
dark like the night, high like the noontime
bitter and begging my dear don't you go
your eyes were all wild your lips took to woo mine
you grabbed me and tugged at my soul through your own
i knew it was then we'd go down to the river
you'd cleanse what was left of me under the tide

10} Damian Rice - Cold Water (5:00)
cold water
surrounds me now
(and all
I've got is your hand)

Bonus Tracks

01} Wye Oak - I Hope You Die (4:20)
I can't sleep until I see you sleeping
curse my mind and its all seeing eye
watch the rise and wonder if you're breathing
against your will
you are alive

02} Lovage - Archie & Veronica (5:06)
(jealous of the flies and the worms inside me)

03} Florence+The Machine - Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up) (3:52)
you made a deal and now it seems you have to offer up
but will it ever be enough
(raise it up, raise it up)
it´s not enough
(raise it up, raise it up)

this is a gift, it comes with a price
who is the lamb and who is the knife?


Notes: Yes, I am on a Wye Oak kick. You noticed? I got to see them with Shearwater earlier last month and was so blown away that I bought their whole discography between the shows. Their studio stuff is much less intense than the live, but it's good stuff. Civilian is kind of a quiet track anyway, and I blame this on the fact that I had to download the video of NPR's Tiny Desk Concert (watch the full performance here) and then rip the audio from it, as Civilian is a pretty new, unreleased-on-album track. It feels a little out of order, since I tried to arrange both sides to follow a proper time-progression from beginning to end of their relationship, but ... it works as a sort of emotional footnote, which I imagine Itachi has more of than he lets on. I Hope You Die is actually my tiny soundtrack for [ profile] nthcoincident's Mada/Shi/Ita.

Actually, I think this particular mix is a little heavy on the indie, but for now I'm unrepentant. Also it's fucking huge. I've never done this long a FST before. :o Kettering is something I didn't realize I had, but listening to it I had this image of Shisui in Itachi's hospital room during war/sickness/whatever, or the two of them meeting there -- and that last line is a fucking gut punch, ow.

Star Chaser is one of those songs that I associated with Itachi and Shisui on the first listen, even before I understood all the lyrics. Also, Michael Gira's voice is so weirdly sedate and kind of perfect for the sort of dude Itachi is. My Vampire Heart? That's all for you, [ profile] ronsard. >3 I haven't forgiven you for renewing my interest in this pairing, h0r.

This Confiscated House is something I tried to work into Itachi/Naruto in the way long-before, but I think it's much better here. It feels weird using old Shearwater, but both Missing Islands and False Sentinels both nearly made it on here, Shisui side. I had to cut more than a few tracks from it because it really overbalanced the other side, and that was bad juju. Other cuts include Wye Oak's Family Glue (i am family glue /
leaving a legacy of tell-me-to) because I realized yeah, that was quite enough, Iron & Wine's The Trapeze Swinger (And please, remember me / as in the dream / we had as rug-burned babies), Matthew Good's Weapon (here by my side, an angel / here by my side, the devil / never turn your back on me) and so on. BUT WHATEVER. I hope people found things worth listening to here, maybe some new artists to love!

Also, I'm rambling; no good. I blame this on the fact that it is 4 am and my brain knows I should be sleeping and is just shuffling out the rest of the crap in there before I get to the lie-down bit. SO. Good night all, and I promise I'll try to justify my existence in this comm with some writing, hopefully sooner than later.
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