30 July 2011 @ 02:47 pm
[hakuouki] the art of diversion
Yeaaaaah, here goes another one.  Prompt is Sano/Hijikata; Sano tries to get lucky with the vice-commander.  I started writing it late last night and just kind of ... yeah.  I'm not really sure how to excuse it.  Not porn, but definitely a little bit of drunken manly exploration.

Dude, I don't know.  Just go with it?


the art of diversion
(made another masterpiece while I was dreaming)

Hijikata has been awake for longer than he can accurately remember; nights and days blur in a riot of fading color and activity, endless lists of receipts and requisitions and missives, new recruits and their commanders and the orders they all require.  With Kondou gone, he has simply had no time.

Until now, that is.  The ink is drying on his reply to the commander of the Mimawarigumi, and in the aftermath Hijikata is left restless, coiled tight; light and languid and buzzing with sleeplessness, he feels bereft with no sign of further duties that need his attention.  For a moment, something like panic touches the back of his mind, a fluttering sense of emptiness that sends his gaze skittering across the room, quietly desperate.

He takes a deep breath, closing his eyes (just for a moment) to center himself before he reaches down, opening the drawer of his desk to retrieve a neatly bundled sheaf of paper, the name Hougyoku written neatly down the front.

Hijikata is reaching for his brush when he hears the even thud of bare feet against the porch outside his door.  He stills, tensing for a split-second before he realizes he recognizes that swaggering gait; it is for this reason alone that he does not draw his sword, not even when the door to his room slides open, letting a draft in to lick at the flame of his lantern.

"Fukuchou." Sano's voice is just slightly slurred as he shuffles inside and slides closed the shouji in a whisper of wood.  Hijikata pauses, fingers spread over the ink brush, tilting his head to one side as the other man seats himself behind and to the right.  "I saw your lantern burning.  Again."  There's a soft note of disapproval in Sano's voice as he says it.  "Do you know how late it is?"

Hijikata opens his mouth, closes it again.  He wants to tell Sano that it's none of his business, that it's simply duties he must attend.  Instead, what comes out is, "you remember, don't you, that it's against the rules to be out late, much less drinking."  It's not as cold as it could be, but he winces inwardly nonetheless.  He's had this conversation before, and he's similarly aware of Harada's recessive (but fierce when triggered) penchant for mothering.

Surprisingly, Sano just chuckles, leaning forward to peer over Hijikata's shoulder, close enough that Hijikata can smell the sake on his captain's breath.  "Ah, well -- it's not so bad.  Saitou an' I were just sharing a few cups before bed, that's all." A beat, and then a hand on his arm, gripping lightly.  "Don't you worry ... 'm not gonna do anything to cut myself open over, yet." 

Hijikata bristles at that, turning his head, not quite enough to face his subordinate but more than enough to display the stormy look brewing in his eyes.  Sano just frowns at that, sighing; the vice-commander's nostrils flare at the pungent scent of alcohol.  "A joke.  You remember those, yeah?"

"What are you saying?"  Hijikata's words are quiet and flat, evenly spaced, almost a growl.

For a moment, it seems like Sano might leave.  His hand falls away from Hijikata's arm, and Sano rocks back on his heels, chuckling quietly.  But a moment later he's back again, this time draping his arms around Hijikata's shoulders, burying his nose in the long, straight sweep of his hair and inhaling deep.  "I'm sayin'," he murmurs, dry lips moving against the nape of Hijikata's neck, "that you're workin' too much.  'm sayin' that we're all worried, about the commander, and Okita.  An' you."

Those arms tighten, too loose to be an embrace but certainly pushing the line.  Hijikata's shoulders slump, just barely, in the wake of those soft words, under the weight of Sano's clumsy, sincere concern.  Have I been so transparent?

"'m sayin'," Sano continues, mercilessly, breathing each word into Hijikata's hair as he makes his way upwards to bury his nose in the warm space behind the shell of the vice-commander's ear, "that th' rest of us are out there, sick for wanting t'help ya."

"You're drunk, Harada," Hijikata whispers, because it is both true and the only way he can think of to respond to this quiet barrage.

Sano just laughs, leaning in closer, pressing close to mold his body against Hijikata's back.  "I s'pose you're right," he mutters with a quiet laugh, but apparently that doesn't mean much in the long run; his head drops to press a gentle kiss to the pale curve of Hijikata's neck, callused fingers slipping into the collar of his vice-commander's sleeping yukata to find warm skin.  "When's th' last time you ate?"  Another kiss, this one open-mouthed and damp with a hint of teeth.  "When's th' last time you slept?"

Hijikata is fairly certain that Sano might have a point in there, somewhere.  Something in his brain has to be broken, utterly and irrevocably as evidenced by the fact that his captain is still here, still breathing, still openly committing what he's fairly certain is the most brazen (and pleasant, but really) assault upon his person to date.  And he's letting him, shivering like a village maiden at the sensation of Sano's soft hair tickling his jaw.

"Come t' bed," Sano murmurs, glancing up at Hijikata with heavy-lidded eyes.  "Call it stress relief.  It'll all be there in the mornin', yeah?"

Hijikata turns, blinking at Sano, a little owlish.  It takes him more than a few seconds to parse the invitation for what it is.  (Definitely, he thinks, definitely something broken right here in my head.)   "You're drunk," he repeats softly, almost wonderingly.

"Yeah."  Sano's grin is a little rakish as his other hand snakes around Hijikata's waist, resting low on his belly, suggestive.

"I-I think that's ... not necessarily the sort of relief I need, Harada."

"Mm, maybe not," the captain agrees, and nips at Hijikata's shoulder.  "Come t'bed."

Hijikata's not sure how to argue with that, or if he even wants to.  Sano apparently takes his silence for acquiesce, and tugs (drags) him, gently if not a little clumsily, toward his futon.   That light-headed, strangely buoyant sensation persists as Sano presses him down into bed, the cage of his arms a soft-focused arch as his captain nuzzles his neck, running a hand along his side.  He makes a quiet noise, dark eyes fluttering and finally closing as Sano laps at the hollow where Hijikata's collarbones meet, dragging his tongue along graceful curves of bone and muscle before dropping lower to suck wet kisses to the bare skin framed by the open collar of his kimono.

A moment later, Sano's hands are at Hijikata's obi, tugging at the heavy fabric.  His gaze strays upwards, and he pauses --

--and smiles, soft and fond, breathing a quiet sigh as his hands draw back to settle on his thighs.

Hijikata's head is tilted to the side, eyes shuttered, lips parted just barely, a wing of dark hair slung carelessly across his forehead.  Fast asleep.  That smile threatens to become something more, and Sano puts a hand to his mouth to keep the quiet laughter at bay.

It figures, really it does.

"Idiot," he mutters without malice, and leans forward to brush that stray lock of hair back from the vice-commander's forehead.  Even through his dull haze of inebriation, it's easy to see how the strain of the last few weeks has taken its toll on Hijikata, darkening the skin beneath his eyes, hollowing his cheeks, drawing the color from his face.  And yet he looks peaceful here, untroubled, the faintest hint of what might have blossomed into a smile tugging the corner of Hjikata's thin lips.

It's something, Sano supposes, as he tugs the cover over Hijikata and silently rises to his feet.  One way or another, his vice-commander's due for a few hours of rest, however he can get them.  Still, he thinks he's due at least a little bit of disappointment; the memory of Hijikata, soft and pliant beneath his hands, is certainly a pleasant one.

Sano makes his way over to the desk, glancing briefly at the innocuous bundle of what can only be Hijikata's secret, legendary haiku stash -- he's survived greater temptations, however, and so turns his attention to the lantern, blowing it out before heading for the door.

As far as sacrifices made for the cause go, it wasn't half bad. He considers that and chuckles to himself as he makes his way to his own room.

Tonight, he thinks, he'll be the sleepless one.

-fin 7.30.11


I ... don't really know what to say to this, other than I'd like to think this isn't the first time Tsun-tsun fukuchou here missed out on great sex by immediately passing right the fuck out.  Still probably better than spending that time his (notoriously bad) haiku.

Like I mentioned on plurk; this feels a little messed up.  Generally I'm supposed to receive porn/should-have-been-if-Toshi-wasn't-retarded-almost-porn for my birthday, right?  THIS IS SO BACKWARDS.

I kept losing my train of thought with this because I just got a new pair of amazing headphones and I've been listening to a ton of newer Shearwater and slkdjfsd I kept getting caught up in the bells and dulcimers and banjos and stuff.  If this ended up weird and disjointed, blame Jonathan Meiburg.
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[identity profile] myrioddity.livejournal.com on July 31st, 2011 12:37 am (UTC)
Just so you know, definitely reading your fic despite being completely unfamiliar with the canon, just 'cause I enjoy your writing (and am always up for partying in the sexier outskirts of Tragicville with our friends the Shinsengumi). Is Hakuouki a thing I ought to watch?
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[identity profile] arclights.livejournal.com on July 31st, 2011 01:55 am (UTC)
Oh man, Em I am so out of practice I can't even comprehend this. ;___; Actually, I think part of is it so many incarnations of Shinsengumi and trying to keep them apart sometimes and slkdfjsd idk, it's a pain a little but I am smitten with this stupid show and the pretty men in it.

Short answer? fuck yes (http://www.animeseason.com/hakuouki/), do it now.

Slightly longer: It's based on a girl's dating sim, but a) I actually really didn't mind the mary sue character and b) even a dating sim can not kill the hxc-ness of the motherfucking Shinsengumi and there's ... honestly, really a surprising lack of fawning over her (she seems more like a protectable little sister to most of them than anything) and pretty much no kyaaa romansu except for like ... 10 seconds, almost at the end. And it skips the outskirts and just bulldozes straight through tragicville like it ain't no thing. The second season (eps 13-22) were pretty much me clutching my shirt crying oh my heart because they're mostly keeping in line with the history so you fucking know how it's got to end but man.

On the other hand, it's kind of like gleefully crashing a mostly un-fail Twilight (or, I suppose, pre-batshit-insane Laurell Hamilton) into Rurouni Kenshin. No, I'm not even kidding you.

Seriously, though, they're pretty. Prettier than Peacemaker, even. (http://www.animepaper.net/gallery/pictures/anime/hakuouki_shinsengumi_kitan) Just wander through the gallery for a few minutes and think about it. :>
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread) (Link)
[identity profile] myrioddity.livejournal.com on July 31st, 2011 04:35 am (UTC)
--ahahaha, Hakuouki!Hijikata looks one hell of a lot like Peacemaker!Souji. Now entering Bishonenshire, population oh my god guys doesn't your hair get in your face when you fight.

But Shinsengumiiiiiiiiii~~~♥ Yeah, I am willing to watch this. Been suffering a Shinsengumi deficit since PMK volume five is, like...never going to come out ever? I don't even know. And I am, in fact, a huge sucker for that which traipses through Tragicville. Oh great! Keeping in line with the history. About which I first learned, I think, through like...Wiki-freakin'-pedia and I was still like OWWW MY EMOTIONS HURT AND STIIIING T_T etc.

Bookmarking this nonsense.

Also. by the way, hello, I've missed you. :D
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[identity profile] arclights.livejournal.com on July 31st, 2011 05:06 am (UTC)
He ... yeah, he does! I was speculating that he looks an awful lot like Itachi if he was pretty. Until he looks like a dead ringer for Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji. xDDD Because that's totally going to happen. I like bishonenshire, as fwooshy and full of improbable eye colors as they are.

Oh man do, it's brilliant. Well, not brilliant, but enjoyable. :3 I've watched it twice already, sob. And ... nope, probably not? Because we want it, sob. You know I'm right there with you, mang; give me some suckerpunch tragedy (or any other kind) and I am yours and uh. Yerp, the pretty really is just icing on a giant, sexy cake. Well ... keeping in line with history but also lol, vampires? Somehow it works, I promise it does. Re: Shinsengumi, I was ... oh man, before wikipedia it was ridiculous; there was this japanese kid that had a website talking about moeyo ken and I kept pestering him about details and uhm. I've been reading the Romulus Hillsborough histories as well which are a little smug but also full of good information so I'll bite, hah.

I WILL BE SO EXCITED. WRITE PRETTY THINGS. If you, y'know, do the fanfic shuffle anymore. I HOPE SO.

And a good hello to you too, my love. It's been a while, hasn't it? :3
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[identity profile] myrioddity.livejournal.com on July 31st, 2011 05:37 pm (UTC)
Welp. I just watched the first episode. Chizuru is the least convincing boy ever. When all the Shinsengumi were like "What?! She's a girl?! No way!!" --- man, they must have only been confused because they live in a world where dudes look like the ladies all the time. She & Heisuke can be the best of friends and go to the same hair salon.

It's making me nostalgic for PMK, but I'm enjoying it so far, and will keep you posted as I make my way through the series. Nice short episodes means I should get through it fairly quickly. Going to work now or else I'd watch another. xD I ought to check out Hillsborough, too!

I haven't written any fanfiction in foreveeeeeer save the occasional unfinished shameful snippet that hides in a folder, never to see the light of day. However, I've quite missed doing the fanfic shuffle, so maybe I'll oblige. This does look like an awfully ficable sort of show. Hot damn, ensemble cast. One of the great things about Shinsengumi-based stuff is that you're guaranteed to have loads of characters, most of whom are quite interesting and, of course, bursting with tragic potential.

It has indeed! Too long! D'you ever get on any IM these days? I'm on Skype & Gtalk, mostly.

(Reply) (Parent) (Thread) (Link)
[identity profile] arclights.livejournal.com on August 1st, 2011 02:29 am (UTC)
It ... doesn't help that the subs were confusing the whole 'he/she' thing right from the beginning. Okita is all 'ah, we should kill her' and then ... yeah, WAIT SHE'S A GIRL? Though that is such a beautiful and accurate statement, I cackled out loud and nearly spat (delicious birthday) cake onto my keyboard.

I kinda want to do a re-run through pmk, since it's been like 5-6 years since I saw it last? IDEFK, FOREVER MAN. And I. Yeah, I ran through it in a few hours, honestly. I LOOK FORWARD TO YOUR COMMENTARY. The next season, if it's not on there, is Hekketsu-roku, which is the real curb-stomper of a stack of episodes. God. Also yes; yes you should! Like I said, he's kind of smug and tends to be a bit of a redundant ass when he's coined a phrase he thinks is clever, but I picked up both Samurai Tales (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/4805311231) and Shinsengumi (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0804836272) for a pretty reasonable price. Tales repeats Shinsengumi a bit in a few places, but for the most part Shinsengumi is a pretty (as far I can tell/my research has gone) accurate assessment of the group and their activities, and Tales is more of an anecdotal run through the collapse of the bakufu, highlighting several important events and a few not-so-important-but-fascinating things. They're both in the 300-ish page category too, so I ran through them each in one sitting. >.>;a

Oh maaaan, I know the feeling. I keep writing KHR Yamamoto snippets and then looking at them the next day and shaking my head a bit and hiding them, and ... yeah. Now there's this fandom and I've got so many stupid random ideas and there's a writing meme going on and fuuuuuuuuuuuuu with LJ being all wonky I've written more in the last week than I have in the last year. -_-; I HOPE YOU DO, I MISS IT. And it. Oh, it is. Juuust about everything you could ask for in a sandbox, siiiiiiigh.

Seriously! And yes? I'm on AIM fairly regularly, though I think I have gtalk around ... somewhere? Maybe? I don't do the skype thing at all. x3
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[identity profile] nthcoincident.livejournal.com on August 1st, 2011 04:02 am (UTC)

Hijikata *__________* I feel like your writing was just made for this time period, all the slippery slidey lyrical bits and flashes of perfect directness makes for a really modern and yet period-appropriate voice for the characters. Hijikata's restlessness, Sano's forthrightness LISTEN TO MOAR SHEARWATER AND WRITE PLZ IT IS OBVS WORKING FOR YOU.

(Reply) (Thread) (Link)
[identity profile] arclights.livejournal.com on August 1st, 2011 04:37 am (UTC)
OH FUCK YES THIS IS PLEASING, HNNNNGH. IT'S LIKE METH; YOU KNOW IT'S SO BAD FOR YOU BUT ONCE YOU BREAK INTO IT YOU ARE GONE FOREVER. Seriously, how did I fall in love with this oh right, Shinsen-motherfucking-gumi, that's how..

I ... aww, you are the sweetest. I gotta admit, though, I'm actually having a bit of crisis with the writing; I'm looking at ... idk, the Merlin stuff I did last, and then what I've done so far over here and feeling like I've lost some ground somewhere. Maybe it's that I've spent the last couple of weeks buried up to my ears in the more direct forms of Japanese novel writing (http://moeyoken.blogspot.com/) which is ... almost clinical a lot of the time? And then reading the histories does not help, heh. It's rubbing off a bit, and while I know I tend to ramble a bit I feel like I've lost something else and ... yeah. I suppose that's the thing with taking year-long breaks between writing anything, but this fandom and I haven't quite synchronized yet. I WILL GET THERE, THOUGH. I WANT TO WRITE SO MUCH FOR THEM. *__*

COME TO THIS DARK SIDE, WE HAVE SAMURAI. I am so glad to see you again. Seeing you, and then knowing watching this stupid silly lovely show, too, has me squeaking with inane glee.
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[identity profile] nthcoincident.livejournal.com on August 1st, 2011 04:35 pm (UTC)
I feel embarrassed admitting to anyone that I'm watching it, because vampire Shinsengumi WHAT SHIT IS THAT. This strategy of getting kids to learn Japanese history by making ridiculous, slashtastic mostly inaccurate video games and then anime out of it is a trend the States should pick up (SEE ALSO: SENGOKU BASARA, ANOTHER SHAMEFUL MASTERPIECE OF THIS GENRE). There's like, a particular threshold of fundamentally satisfying and fundamentally lacking that a series has to straddle to be fanficcable, and for whatever reason samurai manga always are, maybe it's the aesthetic OR MAYBE just the fact that the actual events are so fuckwittedly pointlessly tragic that they know we'll degenerate into shameful bawling messes whatever they do? (OKITA/KONDOU BAAAAAAWWWWW you have no idea how much I want that in my life) But now I have an illustrious compatriot in this particular guilty pleasure, so I'm absolved of my shame /twirl

YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS. LET US FLAIL AT EACH OTHER. Who do you loveeee? What do you want to write about?! WHAT IS ON YOUR HARD DRIVE FOR THESE CRAZIES TELL ME. I'm in the same situation as you writing-wise, I stopped writing regularly for like...three months and when I came back I'd basically been bumped back to Fanfic Level One where all that enters the brain in terms of images are like, Madara's sexy bedhead hairstyles, Crimson Orbs (TM) etc. Not a productive state of affairs. WHAT DO WE DO?

Japanese novels are so clinical sometimes that they come up with these perfect bits of imagery without even trying, idk. I remember reading once about someone sending his lover a "single firefly in a lacquered red cage"? That's so poetic it shouldn't be allowed, maybe that's why this series is so maddeningly addictive despite vampires and whatever the hell. The entire reason the founding of Konoha is so cool for me is that Sengoku setting, which gives nutjobs like Madara some much-needed context. I MEAN, IF YOU'RE ON A HISTORICAL JAPANESE KICK, THERE IS ALWAYS THAT TO WRITE /subtle

but yes rambling because I am so happy to have you and your writing back in my life! And you know I'm always up for drabbletrades or other ~illicit activities~ if you need reciprocal writing therapy &hearts
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[identity profile] arclights.livejournal.com on August 1st, 2011 05:00 pm (UTC)
Right? It's ... like a step below that shameful nod of recognition I have to give when someone mentions Laurell K. Hamilton. Yes I did read most of it because it's horrible DON'T JUDGE THE CHARACTERS WERE AMAZING. I have no idea but it's. Oh man. *__* Japan is mastering this shit; between Koei Warrior games (oh god don't get me started I flipped tables when Koujurou wasn't playable as Masamune's man-bitch in the Samurai series), Kenshin, Hetalia, Sengoku Basara and now this madness I have learned more than I ever thought I would. History is awesome. And I'm totally with you there; I think there's a reserved note + 'so are they all, all honorable men' kyaa and then ... man, throw in some Shinsengumi and suddenly it gets this sort of undercurrent of understated despair because we all know they're absolutely fucked and you know how easy I am when it comes to understated despair. ._____. Okita/Kondou yes. Yes. I touched it a few days ago and I am hungry for more. SHIEKAN OTP, CRAI) I am ... so happy to have you here in this horrible, beautiful place.

FLAILING IS GO. Oh god, who do I not love? Seriously, I can't think of anyone; maybe Kaoru because he confused me a lot. Uhm. I've seriously only been in here for about a week so my hard drive is empty wait no I lied I think someone hit me funny on the head because the slow scandalous dismantling of Saitou by Tall Dark and Peaceful is ruining my life how did this happen. Also reincarnation fic, because I claimed it on the drabble meme and I want it. I ... I am so sorry but I actually feel a little relieved that I'm not the only one. Crimson orbs, indeed, my love -- together we shall climb once more!

They really are; I love reading them, and I wish to hell there was a lot more (translated) fanfic from the Japanese side because it seems to be a national thing, kind of a thing that I've noticed in Finnish fanfic writers as well. IDK. Also, that is sexy, sexy imagery, god. I am. Always on a historical Japanese kick. Except when I'm on a Chinese historical kick, in which case it is just me drooling in front of the TV with mah vidya games. (Discounting Kotetsu Sangokushi, which essentially takes 3 Kingdoms, shaves off all its body hair, revokes its testicles and sends it on a gay romp through the woods seriously it makes everything about Hakuouki seem dignified and completely acceptable)

Oh god same, same, I would keep at it but I have to get ready for work now. And oh, yes. YES. Any time. *____*

GIVE ME OKITA AND KONDO. /shakes I will feed you ... idk, whatever you want x333


Don't ask me what's going on but about 10 minutes in, just ... watch. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GsZB19OALPQ) KAZAMA DISCIPLINARY COMMITTEE. I WANT AMAGIRI/KUSAKABE CROSSOVERS RIGHT. NOW.

Edited 2011-08-01 05:04 pm (UTC)
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[identity profile] manaika.livejournal.com on August 1st, 2011 07:46 pm (UTC)
Aah, I'm so glad someone claimed this prompt! I admit that it tempted me, but I didn't know what to make of it, so I rather didn't claim. But this was...cute. Pretty funny too. In character as well. In short, it was everything I need in a good Harada fic. The slight smut was a nice teasing Bonus ^^

You wrote it so well! It's a difficult pairing to write, but you managed it so wonderfully!
Heh-heh, I could almost imagine a scene, if Sano succeeded in what he was gunning for...
Sano: *walks into the room*
Sano:"I got him to bed, at least. He's sleeping now."
Someone:*rolls away the collar to reveal a hickey* "Sleep, yeah?"

Or something like that. Ignore me. It's just how inspiring this shot is. ^^
I'm glad you wrote it!
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[identity profile] arclights.livejournal.com on August 2nd, 2011 12:14 am (UTC)
x33 At first I kinda passed it by, but then ... idefk, man, the Hiji muse is pretty intense when he gets aroused. Or ... sleepy, I suppose. I'm glad you liked it! xD Sano is such a charming rogue, I swear; I love him to bits. xD

Thank you so much! And I -- oh god I actually almost had him run into someone else and be like 'yeah, he's out' and lskdjf everyone quietly worried about oni fukuchou. ;_; I'm glad I did, too -- thanks for reading! ♥
(Reply) (Parent) (Link)
[identity profile] theablackthorn.livejournal.com on August 4th, 2011 10:53 pm (UTC)
Loved it! It's kind if endearing how Sano's trying to take care of him in one way or another :)
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