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There's rather a lot of it, wow.

(FST masterlist here.)


like knives. Somewhere between fear and sex passion is. Saitou. Amagiri. Kyoto o-bon. Dirty, dirty porn. (Not worksafe, not even a little. ~2000 words.)

beyond the gates. This hole in my heart is in the shape of you, and no one else can fit it. Two scenes from Osaka castle; Okita, Kondou, approaching the unknown end. (Kondo/Okita-ish. PG-13, slight spoilers. ~2000 words.)


what happens next. Merlin does not say "this is the water where I've buried our would-be loves, women and swords alike." Merlin takes the newly-crowned King on a fetch mission; both find far more than they expected. (Arthur/Merlin, Freya. PG-13, spoilers, future-fic. 4500 words.)

minor adjustments. For the [ profile] kinkme_merlin prompt: Merlin tests new products for a sex toy company. Arthur is the head designer. It is his job to observe these tests, ask questions and take notes. It's all very professional and clinical, until Arthur gets hard during a session. (Arthur/Merlin. NC-17, AU. 6100 words.)

everlasting. Merlin remembers, where all others have forgotten. And he waits. (Arthur/Merlin. PG, spoilers, lore-blending, future-fic. 3,000 words.)

here by my side. Fanvid, set Matthew Good's Weapon. (Arthur/Merlin, PG-13.)

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

the end complete. On the brink of an end, a boy learns to run. Yamamoto returns from the future, and makes a choice. (Yamamoto, Shouichi. PG-13, character death, spoilers.)

snippets. Three acts, exploring the early childhood of one Chikusa Kakimoto. (Chikusa, Ken, Mukuro. PG-13)


untitled. Five acts for [ profile] shadows_in_mind, who plays one fantastically creepy (and heartcrushingly human) Madara. (Madara/Itachi, AU, rp-verse.)

wraiths and strays (incomplete) act I | act II | act III | act IV | act V
A reconciliation in ten acts. Early winter catches Itachi off guard, and he is forced to change his plans. (Itachi/Naruto, PG-13, AU-ish.)

mourning air. In the wake of Zabuza and Haku's deaths, Naruto grows up a little. (Naruto, Kakashi. PG-13.)

fragments, volume 1. A series of drabbles based on the splash page of each chapter. (A little bit of everything, honestly. PG-13.)

on the turning away. Remembering the Yondaime. (Spoilers? G.)

lunatic moon. No one ever had to tell Hayate what it meant to make a promise. (Genma/Hayate, G.)

shiroi. Naruto cannot subvert destiny. (Naruto/Neji, PG-13, character death.)

simple. A moment of domestic comfort. And snark. (Shino/Shikamaru, PG-13.)

hyuuga persuasion. This is the most plausible situation ever, but there is naked shinobi, candy canes and blankets. (Neji/Naruto, PG-13.)

the sky is falling in. Choji is victorious. (G, 100 words.)

watching them run. Lee and Sakura are left behind. (Lee/Sakura, G.)

song of the unknown child. In the village of the hidden leaf, there is a legend told. (Speculative, Sakura-centric, character death. PG-13.)

Death Note

inertia. It is a battle of a different kind, though no less brutal. (Light/L, hard R for non-graphic sex.)

three pages. Living with ghosts has never been easy. (Many appearances, no solid pairings. PG-13, spoilers through the end of the series.)

Axis Powers Hetalia

power play. Russia shows Sweden his place in the world, by leaving his mark on the one thing Sweden cannot protect. (Russia/Finland, Sweden. NC-17.)

intercession. In the last days of the Cold War, a conversation between USA and Lithuania. Also, US-kun really needs to pay attention to his history. (USA, Lithuania. G.)

Kingdom Hearts

the drifts. Leon/Aerith waff; spoilers only for Hollow Bastion's "true" name.

an interlude. Sora has his first run-in with snow. Goofy thinks of someone else. (G, no spoilers. 300 words.)

rubicon. On Axel, and the final encounter with an old friend -- perhaps. (Spoilers for near-end of KH2. G. ~400 words.)

fair trade. The confusion of children and others. (Sora and Kairi; sort-of spoilers for KH2. G. ~300 words.)

homeward. At the end of things, Kairi comes home. (Speculation, future-fic. G. ~500 words.)

the wrong hand. Sometimes, Riku remembers. (G. 100 words.)

the scariest thing. Cheesy as hell; three silly kids and halloween costumes. (G, ~500 words.)

Moon Child
under blood moon. Kei struggles with Sho's change. (PG-13, spoilers.)

Tablefappers Porn-offs

05December. One-sentence fics. (Agni/Soma, Soma/Ciel, Akatsuki dogpile, Chikusa/Chrome, Mukuro/Ken/Chikusa, various RP pairings. Mostly R+)
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